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A little smile appeared on Roselyn’s lips as she heard Harry’s voice whisper in her ear. “I have a curfew, it’s already 11 pm. If I’m not home in 30 minutes I’m dead.” She tried not to smile, but she couldn’t help it.

"Who cares…" Harry mumbled placing a kiss behind her ear. "If you get kicked out you can always sleep over my house. You’re always welcome." He smirked again.

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"Look, I like living hear can you tone it down?" He said annoyed as he looked around making sure no one was staring.

"I don’t care! Let them all know you’re a bastard!" Juliet only raised her tone shoving him once again. "I can’t believe I cared about you!"

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"I said you’re not going anywhere.” Harry whispered in the person’s ear with a smirk. 

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I just want a serial killer to love me is that too much to ask



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Edward gulped glancing at her nervously. He had all his twin’s CDs because he was his number one supporter while he was in the boy band, One Direction. It’s not that he wasn’t proud of his brother he just didn’t want anyone to remember or be around him for Harry.

"Well I like any kind of music personally…my brother made good music." Edward gave her a little hint with a small smile. He felt like Aubrey wouldn’t tell anyone about it, this would be a test if he can really trust her.

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Edward got into the car putting on his own seat belt. “You should have seen my old car.” He chuckled putting the keys into the car starting it. “Well my brother was tired of looking at my old car…it was a bit embarrassing.” Edward sighed. He hated when Harry tried to buy him things. He appreciate the thought but he wanted to do it on his own not depend on no one.
He fixed the review mirror and looked at her with a smile. “Can you tell me your address please?”

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